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Other past and present tags include

P2W, PLAYING_TO_W1N, PLAYING-TO-W1N, PLAYINGTOW1N, playing t0 win, CoCo MattShultz

Personal Details

Name - Matthew Shultz

Matthew Shultz the prick

In a community of scrubs, cry-babies, bad losers and server trash it takes a lot to stand out. Matthew 'PLAYING TO W1N' Shultz managed it during MKA by being one of the whiniest, biggest babies in the entire community, certainly on the Xbox side.

He began posting on MKAC where he quickly established a reputation for being a bad loser who cried and threw tantrums over the tiniest thing.

Being part of the community's scrubbiest clan Outworld Gods didn't exactly help his scrub mentality although he even managed to make some of them look reasonable by comparison.

PLAYING TO W1N is credited with being the only person in the entire MK community to get the normally restrained Eazytobeat to write a long, flaming thread about him complaining of his childish behaviour.

PLAYING TO W1N faced so much flak from everyone for his scrubbish behaviour that he asked for his MKAC account to be deleted and left the site. He didn't stay away for long though and sadly returned soon after.

When everyone moved to MKC, PLAYING TO W1N continued to show his server trash mentality. He lost repeatedly to the site's owner JTF at MKA and made copious threads whining and giving excuses for his losses. He was also disgraced in an online tournament here when he broke the rules and used illegal glitches in a desperate attempt not to lose against his opponent.

At one point his name was changed to PLAYING TO WH1NE for a bit to signify his tantrum throwing mentality.

His constant server trash mentality and disrespectful behaviour eventually got him banned from the site for a month.

As a player, PLAYING TO W1N was a perfect example of not only the type of scum that pollutes game servers but he was also an excellent example of how Mortal Kombat games can make average or even bad players seem better than they are.

Back in MKA, PLAYING TO W1N mained the undisputed top tier online broken character Sareena. He used all her glitches and free throws as well as several dubious tactics such as magic throws and air infinites.

As a result of this, he managed to win a fair number of games but still managed to lose against most of the good players. In MK vs. DC, P2W's finest hour was being the first to discover the Superman infinite. Play-wise, he again mained one of the top online characters Shao Kahn. He also used Superman and continued to ride the line of acceptability with infinites etc.

What PLAYING TO W1N proved is that in the world of online 3D Mortal Kombat, you don't need to be a good player to win matches. You simply need to master the 1 or 2 broken moves of the highest tier characters and play on a really shitty connection that makes you nearly invincible. PLAYING TO W1N (and people like his old clan-mate Bobby Blaze) managed to make a name for themselves doing this for years.

PLAYING TO W1N tried to make the transition from online to offline by working on developing a local offline scene. For a while he managed to get a bunch of guys to change from playing video games once a week at someone's house to paying for the privilege at a pub and to a certain extent this is what counts as success when creating a local fighting video game scene. His success as an offline player though never blossomed.

When MK9 and Injustice: Gods Among Us were released, P2W started going to offline tournaments but he never managed to achieve much more than just piss people off with his shitty personality as the videos below illustrate.

The scary thing is that P2W is supposedly a qualified doctor. So someone, somewhere saw fit to give him the power to dispense prescription medication. This being the case, he would be wise to get his pad and write himself a long prescription for heavy-duty mood stabilising drugs.

The simple reality is, Matthew 'PLAYING TO W1N' Shultz is an obnoxious, unlikeable man who never moved on from his Xbox server trash ways and really belongs back there playing CoD online or something with other angry nerds.

He can appear to be pleasant and reasonable for periods of time but he always reverts eventually to his server trash self.

Server Trash Highlights of PLAYING TO W1N

  • One of the biggest cry-baby whiners in the community
  • Scrub mentality, not beyond cheating when he is behind
  • Banned from MKC temporarily
  • Unlikeable online and offline

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about PLAYING TO W1N you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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