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MK High Level Community

In contrast to the low level community, there is also the so-called 'high level' MK community.

Often, members of this community will refer to themselves as 'elite'. It should be noted that terms such as 'high level' and 'elite' are self-designated ones and whether any member of an MK community actually deserves such a title is highly debatable.

Members of the MK high level community are less interested in storylines and bios and more interested in playing the game at a higher level.

They spend their time poring over such things as frame data and game exploits and many of them while away their empty, lonely lives arguing in 100 page tier list threads on their websites.

Many members of the MK high level community are also 'tournament scrubs'.

Historically, there have always been 2 distinct 'high level' communities in the MK world - the 2D one and the 3D one. Things merged a little with MK vs. DC and even more so in the run-up to MK9.

The 2D community used to post mainly on UltimateMK and were so obnoxious they managed to get the forums there closed down for a year. One of the forums there re-opened for a bit before the whole forum section closed permanently to merge with TYM.

The 3D community can be further split into 2 parts, Xbox and Playstation. The Xbox community managed to get itself mass banned from their first site, MKO as well as UltimateMK and got both MKAC and MKC, (sites set up specifically to cater for them) closed down. Prominent members of the MKO Xbox Community then stole all the hard work that went into MKC and reproduced it as their own site - MKU.

Members from the Playstation side just contented themselves with individuals getting banned from all the above sites before prominent community members decided to split the community into even smaller sections by leaving MKU and starting their own site - TYM.

Unlike the low level fanboy community members who have at least managed to spend all their lives posting on one site and who have managed to stay together as a community for years, the MK 'high level' community has spent the last 5-7 years moving from site to site, getting banned from sites, getting sites closed down and tearing apart the community due to their alpha nerd mentalities, lust for power and selfish, anti-social, server trash behaviour.

Hardly the true high level world of Poongko and Momochi etc....

The reason why the high level MK community has never managed to stay in any one place for a period of time is because of course they are not elite at all. In many respects they have an identical mentality to the low level fanboys of places like MKO.

They cannot bear the fact people don't think the same way they do, they view every conversation as some sort of war to be won, they can't bear the fact they can't get the last word and they have little or no respect for the website they are on or the staff that run it (or each other).

They can't take criticism, they can't bear it when people say anything negative about them and they are only able to function semi-pleasantly when everyone around them is saying how wonderful they are and what good players they are.

Usually the only people they care about are themselves and any like-minded fellows in their own particular clique.

Just as the MKO fanboys argue about who is the coolest ninja and who has the best storyline, the 'high levels' argue about tier-lists and the validity of net-play and which broken moves are legit or not. The subject matter may be different but the mentality is the same - a bunch of intolerant, argumentative nerds attacking anyone else who doesn't think the same way they do.

Many of them are bad losers who cannot take their losses and when they do lose, they will make copious excuses, blame everyone else and often do long, attention-seeking, drama queen threads about how they are leaving the community because no one loves them any more. (They usually never actually leave - they just come back a few weeks later because they have nothing else in their life).

When UltimateMK closed their forums, one of the senior mods there, Matt Luongo (Shock), wrote the words below which sums up the high level MK communities perfectly.

MK Server Trash get sites closed down

In writing this, the staff of UltimateMK spoke for pretty much every MK website owner who has wasted years of his time and money catering for scum bags who returned that kindness with hate and ingratitude and a disrespectful e-Thug mentality.

The most laughable thing about the 'high level' MK community is that there really aren't any true high level players in it, (with the possible exception of Perfect Legend who rarely gets involved in posting on sites or going to small tournaments).

Before MK9 came out, what passed for MK high level tournament players were the 2D MK fanboys who posted on UltimateMK (and Classic MK). These people spent their lives organising shitty little UMK3 side tournaments at regional events where just they turned up. These UMK3 fanboy fanatics couldn't acknowledge that 2D MK games weren't taken seriously by the greater fighting community and even when they were forced to play their pointless little side-tournaments in back rooms or the basement away from the real fighting gamers each tournament was created for, the reality never sunk in.

These individuals would spend much of their time quoting Sirlin to kids just wanting to have fun playing online on their Xbox and they would ban or censor anyone on their sites who dared to point out that 2D MK games weren't taken seriously by the tournament fraternity and 3D games were more fun to play.

These people constantly referred to themselves as 'high level' and 'elite' and because they were the only ones on the planet who played UMK3 semi seriously they had no one to disprove them.

That was until a few of the members of the 3D MK community came over to join them in the few months before MK vs. DC was released and promptly wiped the floor with them in several tournaments.

The humiliation of spending 15 years playing a game on a daily basis and getting beaten by someone who just picked up the game 3 months previously should have made them realise how low level they really were but it never sunk in.

Eventually MK9 was released and of course none of the UltimateMK Clique of Losers were able to compete at the highest level.

At the release of the game, certain other players from other gaming communities joined the growing ranks of self-proclaimed MK high level elites. People like Justin Wong for example.

In fact Wong won one of the first MK tournaments very easily, showing the MK community what a real pro could do. A little while later, the Dead or Alive Evo winner Perfect Legend won the first MK Evo tournament. Certain other players from other communities also did well in tournaments but eventually most of them left to pursue their main games of choice.

Once they left, in a hilarious demonstration of self-denial, the remaining MK 'elites' would then crow about how they couldn't hack it in the MK community so had to 'crawl back' to their Capcom games.

The reality was, MK9 was exposed for the shallow, buggy, inferior game it was and the real FGC pros weren't going to waste their time on it. Even when they were competing, most of these pros like Wong played MK9 as a third choice game behind Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition and rarely even practised MK9. They certainly didn't dedicate hours a week training. Most had already shown what they could do when they took the game seriously enough to practice and it was only when they stopped training or stopped playing altogether did the MK community start belittling their abilities.

The truth is, the MK high level community is nothing more than a bunch of jumped up Xbox players who have little to no credibility in the greater fighting game community.

Before Injustice: Gods Among Us was released, a much publicised comment was made by a notable player from the wider FGC that MK players wouldn't win anything if the real fighting game pros played it properly.

Of course he was right but no doubt most pro gamers from other communities after the first few months of release will only play Injustice as a second or third game and barely train for it and when they leave because of inherent flaws and defects, the MK community will claim they couldn't stand the heat.

It's worth noting that none of the well known MK tournament players have crossed over into Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Capcom to win majors from the Capcom boys; anyone seriously think Tom Brady is going to win Evo at SF4? Yet they always expect the big names from other fighting communities to come and play them at their games.

It's not just Capcom. You aren't likely to see the likes of Pig of the Hut or KrayzieBone winning a true major at Tekken or King of Fighters either.

It should also be noted that the MK scene has no Japanese fighters of worth, due to their lack of interest in the MK brand. A fighting game scene with no Japanese (or Korean) players is like a tennis tournament without Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. Of course it's not the fault of the MK community that high level Asians aren't interested in the game but it does make for a much weaker community nevertheless.

This plus the fact that few, if any of the North American 'A' list players from other fighting communities dropped their main games to take MK9 seriously, allowed many players from the MK community who otherwise would have been dismissed as online players, to win tournaments and substantial amounts of money and delude themselves they were really something in the world of high level gaming.

The reality is that what passes for 'high level' in the MK community would be medium level in other games. That's why you'll never see the likes of REO or Tom Brady win a tournament like Evo in a game like Street Fighter where there is much more competition, the competition is a much higher level and the games require more skill.

If every other fighting game franchise disappeared from existence and all the world's fighter gamers had to play MK, does any objective, knowledgeable person really think that the MK 'elites' would even rank in the top 20 in any tournament?

Or if every game apart from Street Fighter disappeared and all fighter gamers had to play that game only, would any sane person believe that the MK 'elites' would dominate?

Would anyone seriously compare the best Capcom players like Wong, Daigo and Chris G etc. with the best MK players such as REO, Pig Of The Hut and Tom Brady for example and say they were both on the same level?

One big difference is that Capcom and other fighting game communities don't just have great players who play that community's games - they have great players full stop who are great at any game. The MK community doesn't have that.

A good example of the mindset of the MK 'high level' community came at the first Evo for Mortal Kombat 9. The game at that point had a couple of high tier characters like Kung Lao and Cyrax but most of the MK Evo entrants (exception being Perfect Legend) played with other characters because of 'character loyalty' and an aversion to 'boring' top tier characters.

In contrast, most Tekken players were playing almost all Bob (and Law). They didn't care that it made for a boring tournament, they played to win - something most MK tournament scrubs simply don't.

The harsh truth is that the core 'high level' MK community is just a community of keyboard warrior server trash who have spent those last 7 years having Internet wars and getting sites closed down when they weren't playing buggy, novelty fighting games that no one else in the wider fighting community took seriously.

You only have to visit TYM, where most of the high level MK players hang out to see them in their native habitat. Do you see the aforementioned Daigo and Wong spending their time posting troll threads and having keyboard warrior arguments on Capcom sites? don't.

The MK community simply doesn't have any true high level players - it has tournament scrubs like Tim Static, KrayzieBone, 1truking and Juggs.

It has people like REO and Tom Brady who can make a name for themselves by being large fish in a small pond and by impressing the uneducated masses on shitty community websites and YouTube videos with their knowledge of brain-dead, broken video games.

It has people who win little local tournaments and who then think that makes them true 'pro gamers'.

It has...server trash.

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